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November 2020


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  • I completed the Master Technician Course in 7 days. The course was comprised of hands on training on…
  • Im still learning from you, but Im improving myself. I certainly enjoy reading all that is posted on…
  • I learned a lot in this training A+ . I really enjoyed this is really fun. Keep moving like this, God…
  • This is the best training, the best teachers, every class, everything is amazing. I enjoyed all single…
  • El entrenamiento es bastante completo se los recomiendo. Disfrute mucho el entrenamiento.
  • It was a pleasure work with you. I really enjoyed the training it was a lot of fun.
  • It was a GOOD experience. I enjoyed the training and thanks a lot it was really fun working with you.
  • i learn to repair phone only Saturday & Sunday
  • Excellent training. In depth information. Friendly instructors, very flexible schedules. Recommended.…
  • About the training, I love it. I enjoyed the training.
  • Joining Fix Phone Training was the best investment that I could have done. And I thanks God that I choose…
  • Las instalaciones están bien equipadas y el personal es amigable y capacitado. Disfrute el entrenamiento.
  • It was a great learning experience. The training was very good and gave a lot of knowledge and hands…
  • Thank you fix phone training. You saved my life, I mean my phone! ;-)
  • If I can do it, everybody can! Did you see my video? In Fix Phone Training I learned to fix an iphone…
  • Excellent service! I broke my iPad and now is fix. Thanks Fix Phone Training!
  • Me encanta esto esta semana me comunico con ustedes
  • My wife has an iPhone and shattered her screen... Again. Rather than paying $150 to get it fixed, we…

It is very simple; you will be trained to develop the skills and competencies needed to perform at a professional level. Fix Phone Training will help you ramp up on the latest and evolving trends in the cell phone industry. Based on research and experience: We offer different courses that are focused in repairing mobile devices as a professional technician. Having the option to extend your knowledge on weekend hours of training completes all levels of Master Technician. Our weekend courses includes extended practice, game console, tablets, and advanced soldering repairs. The various types of courses can mold you into a professional technician with the process of exposing you to state of the art equipment and real world situations. Fix Phone Training aims to provide you with the best training you will ever go through. In the process of theory classes; you will learn about, cellphone standards, different manufacturer gadgets, troubleshooting technique, and you will acquire skills with equipment required for diagnostics and repair. In the practical training, under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will learn to reinforce the skills to repair gadgets. Thanks to our specially equipped facility, you are given a unique opportunity to immerse yourselves in conditions close to in the field positions. You will be provided with a unique tool set and accompanying additional information via a custom USB flash drive, free of charge. Enroll now and start your training as soon as possible.


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